graphreader/Plotter - Simple XY scatter plot generator

Low complexity and easy to use online app for generating plots from simple X-Y scatter data (single data series).
The generated plots are based on the Flot plot framework.

1) Entering of data

It is possible to pass data from other web applications via the URL using this format:,2,4,2,1&y=2,4,3,4,2

The x-y scatter data may also be entered via the input field:.

The field accepts various data formats such as CSV, JSON, copy/paste from tables and spreadsheets, simple one or two-row or one- or two-columns data .

Use '.' as decimal. Exponential notation is possible, e.g. '3.5e+5'.

The app will try to guess the data format, which I hope works quite robustly. In case of servere problems, please contact me on

Examples of data inputs:

Single row input:

Enter a list of y values. Any type of delimiter is accepted. x-values will be [1,2,3...n]

Single column input:

Enter a column of y values. Avoid delimiters; commas, semicolons after the numbers. The x-values will be [1,2,3...n]

Two lines input:

Here the x and y data arrays are listed on each line. First line will always be x, second line y. Type of delimiter doesn't matter. This will work as well

JSON formats:

The input accepts standard JSON format containing 2 arrays of data. First array will be the x-data, the second y-data. Other variant. The 'x' and 'y' labels are actually ignored.

CSV-like formats

The input will accept column wise data (2 columns), such as from copy paste from tables or spreadsheets. All delimiter types are accepted. In this case the first line is ignored. Another acceptable variant.

2) Styling of the plot figure

Add labels and titles

Set axis zoom.

It is also possible to zoom on the figure using the mouse. Click [Use this axis zoom] to copy current axis zoom to the axis settings.

Toggle logarithmic axes

Toggle exponential notation tics

Toggle swap xy data

3) Save plot codes

This field contains all the plot codes for the particular plot. Copy these plot codes for later use if you want to regenerate this particular plot.