Use the online graphreader tool to extract values from graph images. For 2D plots use the 2D Reader
1) Select a png, jpg or gif image and press 'Go'.
2) Resize blue rectangle to set ruler for axis scaling. Set values for x- and y-axis scaling accordingly.
3) Double-click to insert curve fix-points. Right-click to delete points (on tablet long touch).
4) Click 'Generate curve' to sample curve. Use controls below to redraw output.
5) Scroll down for more options and to see generated CSV data.
UPDATE 16/7-2020: App updated with options for the 1) CSV format, 2) precision of the output data, 3) show data in form for easy copy/paste. Please report any problems, thanks.

Axis Settings (defined by blue rectangle)

Curve Sampling (using fix-points)


Data Output

Inserted Fix-Points

Sampled curve

Post-processed curve

Output data field